Our Meetings begin at 10.30am every Sunday. To be more accurate, they begin when the first person enters the room. When you arrive you will be met by someone in the lobby, from 10.15am.

The lobby has glass doors and you can clearly see through.

The greeter will show you the main room (and toilets). Go in and sit where you like. The room will be silent. Take time to settle.

Stay in a quiet space if you can, but expect the unexpected.

Anyone may minister (speak from the heart). Ministry can be quite subtle to understand when to speak and what to say. Quakers usually let silences grow after someone speaks which can feel odd at first. We do not reply to points made in Ministry.

The Meeting closes at 11.30am, with shaking hands (if this seems right). There are notices and tea and coffee and time to chat, though leave if you wish. is an excellent website for more information.